School Services

Marketing and Communications

We provide expertise in marketing and communications, leveraging more than 18 years of experience in the education field.  We have a proven track record in developing and executing marketing and sales plans, taking advantage of an extensive network of trusted relationships in Canada, the United States and internationally. Please contact us for complete information on how we can help your organization succeed.

Academic Program Prioritization

We help colleges and universities across Canada to manage scarce resources and achieve excellence by setting academic program priorities. We tap into the skills of the leading experts in North America to advise institutions on how to achieve their strategic objectives.

Development of Assessments

ESQ provides consulting expertise around the development and revision of educational assessments for schools, universities and employment. Our consultants have more than 18 years of experience, working with organizations including the Education Quality and Accountability Office (the Ontario government agency that provides assessments of K-12 literacy and math skills); the Department of National Defence (testing the abilities of incoming recruits) and Transport Canada (assesses the language ability of air crews for licensing purposes).

We offer the following services:

  • Determining what skills are to be assessed and setting test objectives
  • Building a test blueprint
  • Training for item writers
  • Creation and editing of test items
  • Administering both paper-based and computer-based tests
  • Maintaining and improving test security

Please contact us directly so that we can learn more about your organization’s requirements and how we can assist you.

TOEFL Workshops for Teachers and Directors

Our team of assessment experts and test-preparation specialists have created a workshop for ESL teachers and program administrators about how to help students succeed on the TOEFL test. The workshop is facilitated by:

  • Doug Ronson, who has delivered TOEFL teacher workshops for the past 8 years, offering teachers insight into the learning objectives behind the test and explaining how the tests are scored.
  • Christien Lee, who is a recognized expert in the field of test preparation. He has been helping students succeed on the TOEFL test for 16 years and is currently writing his fourth book about the test.

We can deliver workshops to your language program, school district or university.

Please contact us for information about how we can help your institution.