Educational consulting

I have worked on a variety of educational projects, helping both secondary and post-secondary institutions to measure student satisfaction and improve outcomes. Please contact me (douglasronson at for complete information about how I can assist your program.

Here are some of the projects I have completed:

Survey of international student satisfaction
Contracted as a consultant for i-graduate, I was responsible for working with colleges, universities and private schools across Canada to implement two surveys of international student satisfaction: The International Student Barometer and the Language Barometer. These tools are used to measure international student satisfaction, helping post-secondary institutions to enhance the international student experience and develop successful recruitment strategies. Ensuring student retention and graduation are key components of these strategies.

Measurement of learning outcomes at Nipissing University
I worked with the director of the business school at Nipissing on a project to assess the knowledge acquired by the end of the undergraduate business program in areas such as finance, marketing, accounting and business ethics. Using a standardized assessment tool allowed Nipissing to compare its curriculum and course offerings to business programs across North America. Based on the results, Nipissing was able to make changes to its program to enhance student learning and improve outcomes.

Student engagement and school completion study
Student motivation and engagement are essential to ensuring that students complete their education. Working with the Ministry of Education in Alberta, I and my team at ETS Canada enhanced and validated a tool to measure student engagement for secondary schools. The purpose of the survey was twofold: 1) To identify students who may be at risk of high-school non-completion; 2) to inform school districts and individual schools about their student populations and help them to formulate strategies to build student engagement and increase graduation rates.

Province-wide assessment of student progress in elementary and secondary schools
I served as Project Executive for a contract to develop assessments for the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), which administers Grade 3, 6, 9 and 10 math, writing and reading assessments across Ontario. This was a complex project, on a tight schedule, and involved more than 100 teachers and 20 staff and consultants. The EQAO test results are used to improve teaching and curriculum at schools across the province.